Human Resource Management

Human-Resource Management outlines the importance of HRM and its different functions in an organization. It examines the various HR processes that are concerned with attracting, managing, motivating and developing employees for the benefit of the employees, organaisation and market.

HRM covers Functions like

- human resource auditing
- human resource strategic planning
- human resource planning
- manpower panning
- recruitment / selection
- induction
- orientation
- training
- management development
- compensation development
- performance appraisals
- performance management
- career planning / development
- coaching
- counsellinges
- staff amenities planning
- event management
- succession planning
- talent management
- safety management
- staff communication etc.

WHAT H.R. management PROVIDES to the organisation

- as the economy grows/declines, manages the demand for H.R. resources changes not only in quantity but also in quality/ types.
- manages the social pressure to provide the right environment for employees.
- manages the political pressure to employ local population, irrespective of skills/ knowledge.
- manages the legal challenges to recruitment / compensation on discrimination .
- manages the technology changes, means getting right type of people or provide the right type of training.
- manages the competitive pressure to get the right talent at the right compensation.
- manages the strategic HR planning.
- manages the H.R. BUDGET constraint to get the best resources for the least.
- sales / production increases in business, puts pressure on H.R. to recruit more for less.
- sales / production decreases in business, puts pressure on H.R. to rationalise recruitment.
- new venture means demand for new type of skills/ knowledge.
- acquisitions / mergers means rationalization of H.R.
- Organization development means HR implementing new structure, new culture, new systems etc.
- Job redesign means H.R. implementing new methods, new process, new systems etc.
- Globalization means managing H.R. diversity, new culture change, new training etc.

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